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What is the PARC Omnibus ?

The Omnibus is a multi-client shared research vehicle targeted to the general public. The Omnibus is a classic, proven research instrument allowing comparison over time.
Method : Face-to-face interviews with consumers in their households.
Sample : Adults aged 15 years and over (unless otherwise requested by client).
Schedule : The Omnibus is conducted on abi-monthly basis.
Costs : Costs are related to sample size, area and the number and structure of questions included in the survey. Costs can be provided upon request.

What kind of data can Omnibus collect ?

The Omnibus can provide data on virtually any subject of interest for any product or service of relevance to the survey target group. It can investigate issues such as: brand or advertising awareness, recall, usage & attitude data, purchase and consumption habits, perception and image measurements etc.

How are the results delivered ?

Results of the study are available in the form of statistical tables analyzed by the following socio-economic factors: Gender, Ethnic Group, Age, Income, Area, Education and Occupation, and also basic Media Exposure measures (TV, Print and Radio). The option of a written analysis is available, including multi-variate analysis where appropriate e.g. perceptual mapping, factor analysis, discriminant analysis and cluster analysis.

PARC has recently managed Omnibus projects for :

  • A leading Search Engine to understand the Internet usage pattern
  • A mobile phone manufacturer exploring preferences and user experience
  • A major Toiletries & Cosmetics company, about the attitude of young women across the Gulf and Levant market
  • A Food & Beverage manufacturer, looking to launch 'ready to eat' product line in the Middle East
  • A leading FMCG company tracking usage and market share of its range of products
  • A number of banks exploring customer

Omnibus Coverage

Market Sample Coverage
U.A.E 1000 National, All 7 Emirates
K.S.A 1200 7 Main Urban Centres
Kuwait 800 National, Six Governorates
Bahrain 500 National
Oman 500 Greater Muscat
Qatar 500 National
Lebanon 1200 Urban & Sub-Urban Centres
Egypt 1200 National, Urban Centres
Jordan 800 National, Urban Centres
Iran 1000 5 Main Urban Centres