TV Audience Ratings

PARC's TV Audience Ratings is a nationwide Survey of the adult population 15 years and over. The survey is conducted using CATI with 3000 respondents each in KSA, UAE and Kuwait and 2100 respondents in Egypt per month. This is a continuous survey spreading across 28 days (4 weeks of uninterrupted polling) and reporting in the 5th week.

All learning's cumulated through the different industry research programs previously conducted in the region have been carefully evaluated and a comprehensive research model has been designed using the PARC basic vehicle.

The research model has been carefully tested and validated to represent, with a high degree of accuracy, the actual TV viewing of the General Public in the typical socio-cultural environment of each country.

All surveys submit to a Continuous Expert Audit that inspects all tasks involved in the research process and certifies the compliance of the research to International audience research standards.

Deliverables include fully tabulated statistical reports by Socio-Economic Profiles, Day of week, and other characteristics of audience analysis:

  • Cumulative rolling database with analytical capabilities hosted in PARC's Index© Software.
  • The fully audited and weighted database is available to subscribers under a special protocol to run on the software of their choice or in PARC's SEAS© Software.
  • The data is delivered one week after the end of each wave.

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Radio Audience Ratings

The model applied in the TV Ratings research has been adapted to Radio as well emphasizing Radio typologies with different stations formats, and offering an accurate measurement of Radio ratings.